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Full of Love EP

Release Date: Aug 1, 2012
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Mindex has worked quite a long time on this EP, going through experiments, trial and error, trying to blend elements of different styles well. As a result the most dense sonic consistence was achieved, saturated over the entire spectrum.
Mindex has collected four tracks for the EP, all full of bright details, glitches, harmonies and melodies, with dubsteppy basses cutting through the air here and there.
In the track "Rain" listener's ears are tickled by nice grainy sounds with all the other components of the track strung on these.
While listening to "Full of Love" you should put on your wetsuit as there's plenty of water. Seems like it's a spring or creek flowing down.
The track "In Search of Truth" helps you to find the truth about contemporary electronic music without any limits in ability of self expression.
"Melting" is a non-standard combination of jazz, filthy electronic bass and crunchy beats.

"This is awesome! Love the atmosphere - it's timeless!"
(Damian B @ Friedmylittlebrain)
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