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The Walton Hoax
All Recklessness Aside

Release Date: Sep 12, 2012
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After their first release of the "Chemical Burn" EP, and a follow-up remix album, The Walton Hoax return with a new 3-track release "All Recklessness Aside," an organic blend of soul, dubstep and hip-hop, topped off with waves of lush vocals. Where "Chemical Burn" had a gloomy vibe, the title track this time evokes a blissful and intense fall into the warm depths of an Indian summer.
The second track on the single is a breathtakingly deep remix of the title track, made by the Danish electronics wizard Galimatias.
The release ends with an accompanying track "Icarious" - a collaboration with the upcoming Dutch producer Nymos, revealing a new twist to the story of Icarus. Nymos constructed a cathedral of ambient sound, in which the rewritten myth roams free and wild.
"All Recklessness Aside" balances between tension and surrender, taking the listener to new heights and then dropping into an ocean of existential marvel. Close your eyes and let yourself float on top of this chilled sea of tranquility.

"3 amazing tracks! The original is a pure dream!"
(Josh Stewart @ LessThan3)
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