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Artwork by The Black Arrow


Touching the Void
Feat. Mikezilla

Release Date: May 7, 2013
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Waft with the smoke of hushed late nights in dim rooms with velvet curtains. Feel the soul of the music in its lush instruments and intricate arrangements. Peer into your own history and connect your own emotions to the fantasy.
"Touching the Void" featuring Mikezilla leads the fantasy with a heart-felt plea. With a backdrop of whirling organs and subtle beats, the plea is more than a raw sorrow but an urban lament. Empathize in the complexities of urban life when you let the song take you over.
Living then takes a dissonant twist in "Onna No Hito" which means Woman in Japanese. Stir up nostalgia with a familiar-sounding ditty. Feed in texture and modern beats and the track conjures up a futuristic 8-bit movie about connections. Maybe it is about a male robot and a female robot in a smoky dim room. Maybe it is the complex urban future reminiscing about simpler times.
Either way, connect and empathize with starRo on this 2-track single.

"Completely unique, took me somewhere nice!"
(Damian B @ Friedmylittlebrain)

"I like it. Will give it a spin on my radio show."
(Mr Lefteye / Subject 13)
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