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Mr Lefteye & Ghosts Of Paraguay
Beneath It EP
Feat. LaMeduza

Release Date: Sep 17, 2013
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The "Beneath It EP" includes 3 very talented artists alongside Mr Lefteye himself - LaMeduza, Ghosts Of Paraguay and Fanu. The collab track "Beneath It" brings us the lush vocals of the excellent LaMeduza and the talented production of Ghosts Of Paraguay, both adding their magic touch to this deep ambient tune. It's a lovely song full of synth-driven characteristics creating the experience of contemplative spaciousness, a very well produced track showing were this genre of music can go. The rather experimental remix by Fanu is full of adventure and out-of-the-box thinking. The track "Feel My Breath" ranges from simple to complex with it's sonic textures and an unconventional melodic rhythm. A general evokement of spatial imagery and emotion displaying Mr Lefteye's love of 3D sound design in his music.

"Love the layers, lines and details on this main tune, it's brill. I almost expect certain sounds to start feeding back as it sounds in control but liable to get nicely out of control too. Artwork looks amazing too! 'Feel My Breath' would make a great short film!"
(Damian B @ Friedmylittlebrain)
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